Great Aircraft Carrier Party 2012


Now in its 4th year, The Great Aircraft Carrier party is back and we have a feeling that this one will be the wildest yet! Last year over 2000 revelers rode the infamous bus journey to the ocean and witnessed the largest party of its kind worldwide. Over the years this event has morphed into an unofficial 'Summer Halloween' with groups of partygoers following the strict dress code - 'Anything goes, but sexy is best'. Throw on (or indeed off) your most outrageous party suit but make sure to bring your dancing shoes as over 20 of the best DJs in Beijing spread across 3 unique stages will keep you jumping with fresh underground beats deep into the early morning. Beijing's best of the house and techno scene will be spinning all through the night on the main stage, award-winning DnB outfit The Syndicate will take care of BASSness on stage 2 while Tianjin's finest 4/4 selectors will round off proceedings on the 3rd stage. Buy your tickets early. Do not miss this!

航空母在它第四个年再次回归,,这将是最狂野的一次去年超2000个狂欢者参加了我们的巴士之旅并一同到海边见证了这个全球最为独特的狂欢派对。在过去的几年,航空母舰派对已经慢慢被尊称为夏日万圣节,并且在参与者中有着不成文的dress code- “随性,但性感为佳。穿上(或者说脱掉)你最疯狂的派对战衣,但别忘了穿上舒服的舞鞋,因为现场将有超过20位的一流DJ分别在3个不同舞台为大家带来精彩表演!新鲜的地下节奏,伴着微咸的海风,所有户外派对的最佳元素大集合!来自北京厉害到叮当响的HouseTechno音乐将占领主舞台,获奖顶尖DnB团队The Syndicate将征服第二舞台,同时,天津最佳4/4 selectors也将在第三舞台挑动你的跳舞神经直到黎明!提早购买预售,这次不要再错过!


Stage 1 (Main Stage on the flight deck):

Mickey Zhang

Ou Yang




Liu Gang

Luke Lombe

Nicole Yang

Shen Yue

The Syndicate Stage(On the flight deck as well):

DJ Blackie
Kay C
Donkey Tonk

Stage 3 (Tianjin Stage) outside the aircraft carrier:

Mr G

Location: BinHai Aircraft Carrier

地点 滨海航母主题公园


300 (含车费)26号以前

350 (含车费)27号以后


Ticket prices: 300 RMB before 26th   June

350 RMB after 27th   June


Tickets include bus trip to the location and back!


Info: 13681263981 (English), 13501131195 (中文)



Presale places / 售票地点:

Chaoyang Area 朝阳区:, Kokomo 64131019, Fish Nation 64150119, Serve the People 84544580, Crepanini 52086093

Houhai Area 后海:Café Zarah 84039807, Yu Gong Yi Shan 84028477


Wudaokou Area 五道口: Lavita ( Blcu Campus) 62344487, The Bridge Café 82867026,

CBD Area:

Nola 85636215

Tianjin Ticket Hotline: 13132023239

Or online at



Busses will leave from ChaoYang Park South Gate at 17:30 and from WuDaoKou (Hua Qing Jia Yuan West Gate, Across from the Bridge Café and Propaganda) at 17:00


(Departure time)巴士汽发时间(朝阳公园南门)下午5:30点

(Departure time)巴士汽发时间(五道口):下 午5点

(Departure Place)出地点: 朝:朝阳公园南 五道口清家园东门


Great Aircraft Carrier Party 2012

30th June 2012